Glen Eden started as the dream of establishing a horse farm whereby quality and not quantity was the emphasis. Sonia’s passion and love of the horse drove the creation of this boutique property with horse convalescent care, where the horses safety and health, both physical and mental, are the priority.

When purchased in 2000 Glen Eden was nothing more than a bare 100 acre block that had been overrun with sheep. Glen Eden was then designed and developed by Sonia who, with the help of her family, was able to create the tranquil horse farm that it is today.

Glen Eden is still being developed, a time consuming task when you understand that all work is undertaken by Sonia and her family.

Sonia Carboni

The owner and hands on manager of Glen Eden

Sonia graduated from Melbourne University (Glenormiston Campus) in 1994 with an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science (Horse Management). Resulting from this tertiary qualification and 22 years experience in the thoroughbred horse industry Sonia also spent time working in various Hunter Valley and Victorian studs, equine veterinary hospitals and with racehorse trainers. Sonia has a wealth of hands-on experience in all facets of the thoroughbred industry.

Her love of the horse and her devotion to providing exceptional service through her commitment to her clients’ horses has made her a very highly regarded practitioner in the horse industry.

Living Legends

Sonia is a foundation director of Living Legends, the international home of rest for champion horses.

Living Legends is a charitable organisation which relies on private donations from people just like you, plus corporate donations and ongoing sponsorships to fund their work.

With this support Living Legends can continue their unique and valuable work looking after retired champion racehorses for years to come.