Foaling Down

Glen Eden specialises in foaling down



Foaling alarms are used in conjunction with the mares being physically checked at regular intervals during the day and night.

Foaling can be associated with many risks and we are on hand to assist if foaling issues occur. Having veterinary nursing experience in the equine industry, including working in intensive foal care, ensures that Sonia’s knowledge and experience are paramount when caring for compromised horses and foals.

The first 10 days are a critical time for new born foals & mums and they are monitored meticulously to ensure the welfare of both are optimised.

Foals are assessed from birth to determine limb abnormalities so that they can be corrected in a timely manner. These are assessed by John Pittard (Master Farrier that specialises in corrective shoeing) and veterinarians.


Mares are to be fully vaccinated prior to arrival. If the horse is not vaccinated or the vaccination history is unknown then a full vaccination coarse will be given.

Mares will be drenched on arrival.

The terms and conditions need to be signed and returned prior to the mare arriving.

Information that needs to be provided prior to mares arrival is;

-Owner Name, Address, Phone contact, Email contact

-Mares name and any notable history such as illnesses, problem foalings, behavioral idiosyncrasies.

-Permissions allowed in regards to action to be taken in the circumstances of problem foalings. Do you allow the horse/s to be sent to hospital if required. (Horses will only be sent to hospital if prior permission is given by the owner as it can be a costly exercise which the owner bears.) This permission is required as owners are often unable to be contacted at the time of foaling.