Glen Eden Thoroughbreds is a beautiful 100 acre property in Moranding, a tranquil district between Kilmore & Broadford and around 1 hour from Melbourne CBD.



Paddocks are never overcrowded. There are individual colt paddocks if needed. Horses can be kept alone or with a mate depending on the horses requirements. Weanlings, yearlings and mares kept in small groups to ensure harmony.



Fences have been constructed with Kentucky Diamond Mesh (considered the safest horse fencing in the world) with a flexible top rail (Horserail). Fence injuries rarely occur and there has never been a serious injury that has jeopardized a horse’s life or future performance.


Pasture is improved to ensure nutritional grazing. During low rainfall quality hay is sourced. The pasture and hay are sent away to the USA for laboratory analysis so that the nutritional content is known and therefore deficiencies are able to be catered for.



All horses have access to shelter either man made or trees.

Hospital Box

A large, safe hospital box is available for sick or injured horses. The box is almost 3 times the size of a standard box, is fully lined with rubber and is in close proximity to paddocks so the sick horse is able to see other horses and not feel confined.

Foaling Area

The foaling yard and paddocks are located next to the manager’s residence. Foal watch (regular checking and monitoring of pregnant mares) is practiced as well as foaling alarms being used.

Convalescent Yards

Convalescent yards are available that are located next to the residence. These yards are an excellent alternative for horses that need to be confined but do not need to be kept in a box. These yards have a clean soft surface with two sizes available and are located amongst other horses and paddocks. They are excellent for horses with foot and hoof problems encouraging foot growth.


Glen Eden has a state of the art 8 horse walker that is used for the preparation of yearlings and race horses which is fully rubber lined and extremely safe.

Scales & Crush Area

Glen Eden has a set of scales enabling the weights of horses to be monitored. This is located in the same area as the crush which is used for breeding mares. The crush was designed by Sonia and built by her husband. It’s design ensures it is extremely horse friendly being safe and easy to use.