Agistment Fees

Other Expenses

Stallion $75.00

Dry Mare $23.00

Late Pregnant Mare $24.00

Wet Mare $25.00

Racehorse Speller $24.00

Yearling $24.00

Weanling $24.00

Private Paddock $28.00

Boxed/Hospitalised $38.00

Boxed/Hospitalised Wet Mare $38.00

Mare Under Lights $35.00

Weanling Preparation $50.00

Yearling Preparation $65.00

Sale expenses 2% Of sale price plus sale expenses

Foaling $600.00

Weaning / Handling $600.00

Veterinary fees will be billed direct to owner by vet

Farrier Cost as per service (Standard trim $55.00)

Walk out fee At Cost

Dentist $60.00

Worming $22.00 Adult Horse, $12.00 Foal/Weanling

Vaccinations At Cost

Treatment fee per treatment  $5.00

Transport at cost 

Fee notes, terms and conditions.

Discounted rates are given to long term clients and resident horses. Discounts are only sustained if payment is made within the 30day terms.(Charged as per treatment/service and may vary depending on the provider and nature of treatment/service)– PLEASE NOTE DUE TO INCREASED FEEDING REQUIREMENTS AND PRICES, IN TIMES OF DROUGHT/DRY CONDITIONS A LEVY IS APPLIED