This is what we do...

Glen Eden is home to the 5 stallions Barood, Fleet Review, Giant’s Steps, Rebel Dane and Royal Ace. Specializing in foaling down, breeding, walk-outs, long & short term agistment, yearling/weanling preparation and caring for horses in need of convalescent care. Having veterinary nursing experience in the equine industry including working in intensive foal care, ensures that Sonia’s knowledge and experience are paramount when caring for compromised horses and foals.

  • Broodmare and Foal Agistment
    Clients have the choice of one of our stallions or can have their mare walked-on for service to other stud farms. Corrective trimming and the foals growth and development are closely observed. Short and long term agistment is available.
  • Foaling Down
    Foaling alarms are used as well as foal watching with the mares being checked regularly during the day and night. Foaling can be associated with risks and we are on hand to assist if foaling issues occur.The first 10 days are a critical time for new born foals & mums and they are monitored meticulously to ensure the welfare of both are optimised.
  • Weanling and Yearling Agistment
    Full services including branding, vaccinations, DNA testing, microchipping and regular handling of all young horses, They are educated to lead, have their legs picked up, accept a rug, familiarised with being boxed and to float load.
  • Yearling Preparation
    Yearlings are prepared for the sales to ensure their growth, development and appearance are optimised. This is done keeping in mind that the horses are still babies and therefore are not given excessive exercise or feed which in the long run would jeopardise their welfare reducing their viability as a future race horse.
  • Racehorse Agistment
    Full services including farrier, veterinarian, special nutrition needs, special trainer/owner requests. Managing convalescent horses is a speciality.